Product Info

ShaLaJa’ Swimwear aims to provide great quality swimwear to provide to all customers. Below is information listed about the product as well as information on how to properly care for your product.

All swimwear is made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex or Polyamide/Elastane and all swimwear is fully lined.

The bi-stretch material Polyamide/Elastane – commonly known as Nylon/Spandex- leaves a lightweight feeling on your skin, is pilling-resistant and creates a perfect fit without loosing its shape over many years.



1. First rinse swimsuit using cold water to help remove excess salt and chlorine.

2. Proceed to hand wash swimwear in cold water using a mild soap that is meant for delicate fabrics.

3. Lay swimsuit flat to air dry.



– RINSE SWIMWEAR IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE Salt water, chlorine, body oils, sunscreen, dirt, sand, and other substances can damage the elasticity of swimsuit material; rinsing after use helps remove these, and prevents them from eating away at the fibers.

– DO NOT BLEACH OR IRON SWIMWEAR Bleach should not be used on bathing suits, since it causes discoloration and damage. If wrinkling occurs, simply dampen the suit and lay flat to dry and they should smooth out.

– TRY NOT TO SIT OR RUB AGAINST ROUGH SURFACES because doing so will cause your fabric to snatch. The rough surface can ruin the texture of your swimsuit.