How To Choose The Right Swimsuit.

Know How To Pick The Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type!

...By using the chat below to determine the best Swimwear Style for your body.

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Figure 8

Swimwear for hourglass figures should emphasize the body’s natural curves and accentuate the waist. Two-piece swimsuits are generally best for this, though one-piece suits with details at the waistline also work well.Go for a solid or a small print that won’t make you look dis-proportioned. For tops―a pop of color, a deep neckline, under-wire for support. For bottoms― Something that cuts above the thigh bone; bikini bottoms are great! Avoid any chunky waistband design that sits on the hips or horizontal stripes



Women with no figure definition should choose a swimsuit that creates the illusion of curves. Monokinis, Belts around the waist and hips, horizontal and diagonal stripes, and color block pieces designed to make you look curvy, pleats, and ruffles can produce this effect. Push-up, triangle and halter tops accentuate the bust, while a two-piece with a high-cut bottom helps minimize a long torso.



Inverted Triangle

For those whose shoulders and bust are bigger than their waist and hips, you should get a suit with more bust support. Swimsuits with a slightly low-cut neckline and/or wide straps are the ones to be looking for.The goal for inverted triangle bodies is to slim the shoulder line and to draw attention to the legs or the curve of the hips. Boy shorts are one option to create more curve at the hips. Light colors are also good for playing up curves. Details such as ruffles, belts, ties, or print patterns like polka dots or horizontal stripes are also a good choice



Round figures should draw attention away from mid area. Try One Piece swimsuits that have prints and patterns that distract the eyes away from the swimsuit itself or a solid dark colors for minimizing. A suit that has detailing around the top such as jewels, or a bright colored v-neck or halter top can draw the eye up. Vertical stripes make you appear longer in the torso and high cut legs will make your body appear longer. Ruched sides can work well with this body type as well as color blocking suits that gives the illusion of a smaller waist.



With triangle body types, the goal is to slim the hips and create more curves on top.Women with a large waist and hips should search for a swimsuit that subtly shifts attention from the lower to the upper body. To do so, simply select a low-cut swimsuit with a wide neckline. This helps create balance between the lower and upper body. Detailed tops with prints, ruffles or jewels, also add emphasis up top. Racerback, tank bandeau, and strapless tops all serve to broaden the shoulder area.